South Karelia Social and Health Care District (Eksote) provides health services, family and social welfare services, and services for senior citizens.
Social Purpose: 
Eksote enters into service contracts with the participating municipalities (9) based on the needs of those areas. Of the municipalities, one participates only in the provision of special healthcare and special services for the disabled within the district. The population of the social and health care district is about 133 000. Concrete actions in the integrated framework includes integrated information systems. Eksote utilises only one Electronic Patient Health Record system and only one Electronic Social Service Client system as well as Centralized placement assess-quality-place (AQP). Eksote has integrated social and health care services to provide more comprehensive, cost efficient and client/patient friendly service processes. Increasing pressure to the service system due to ageing of the population challenges social and health care sector to find new solutions for providing services and promoting health and well-being.
Social Impact: 
Developing new processes and service structure leads to more sustainable services and equality in between different areas.
Innovative Character: 
Integrating social and health care services of multiple municipalities allows developing more comprehensive, cost efficient and client/patient friendly service processes. Integration has affected also financial systems as previously each municipality in the area had different systems. Now only one system is used. Integration changed also personnel systems and decision making and management. It is essential to develop the operations and processes so that the service production is based on recognition of customers’ and patients’ needs. The governance endorses self-development and work wellbeing. Renewal of service production and distribution and reduction of institutional care are also focused on. eServices are being taken in use in all possible areas. Mobile services and self-services are being developed to provide more flexible and easily reachable services. District’s financial capability is adapted to municipalities’ financial capabilities.
Scaling Trajectory: