Elichrysos has the aim of establishing the Botanic Garden in Syros Cyclades
Social Purpose: 
Our initiative is in an area with little practical experience with social co-operatives. We will be exposing people to new ways of operating. This is important as it is showing people a fresh way of operating in a changing world.
Social Impact: 
Our co-operative has taken on the responsibility of organizing and facilitating the seminars offered by the Regional Office over the coming year. Many of these seminars will be geared to the future botanical garden e.g a seminar in the construction of dry stone walling [where the practical will be done on the future site] as well as seminars related to soap making and other related topics, through which we aim to involve local people becoming less consumer based and more self-reliant. We aim to initiate a grey water system which will service the local village.
Innovative Character: 
We are innovative because there is not another botanical garden in the Cyclades. As a botanical garden we will be exploring new areas, for example we will be looking at potential new food crops, more resistant to climate change We also will be working with bees in a variety of habitats, some out of mobile phone reception and distant from any chemical additives.
Scaling Trajectory: