Enercoop Languedoc Roussillon

Enercoop Languedoc Roussillon
Enercoop’s project is to replace energy’s issue at the level of citizens and territorries: all of actors of the society are involved in energy consumption and production.
Social Purpose: 
Which structural challenge(s) does the initiative address: To replace energy questions in the center of citizens debates. Why is this challenge important: Because the subject of energy is unusually discussed or only at the level of the state. Sustainable energies are not really famous in France and Enercoop contributes to democratize this kind of energies
Social Impact: 
What is the social impact that the initiative produces: To create locals jobs, to allow producers of green energies to sell their own production with long-term contracts , to create a momentum around Enercoop’s project with a specific status: the cooperative of collective interest. How are these impacts assessed and with what frequency: With news recruitments for local jobs, with new contracts of production for impacts on producers and with new memberships in the “sociétariat” for the momentum.
Innovative Character: 
Why is it innovative: Because it answers at news needs with a new approach to regain control the energy issue. What sets it apart from existing initiatives: Enercoop is the first supplier of green energy; there is not others initiatives as Enercoop could provide.