Energie Solidali soc. coop

Energie Solidali soc. coop
social inclusion through an innovative service of solar panel cleaning provided by a social cooperative
Social Purpose: 
The social purpose of the project is to provide disadvantaged workers with a job that allows them to be reintroduced and educated to the job market by supporting with solar panel cleaning services the activities of social cooperative which install them.
Social Impact: 
thanks to this project 6 people of Mantova have a job. 2 of them are disadvantaged workers. Whithin the first year of work they managed to clean 40Megawatt of photovoltaic panel
Innovative Character: 
the innovative character of the project lies in both the product that is sold (the cleaning service for solar panel) as solar panel are quite a new production present on the market since a few years and in the process as a step to move to the private marketing has been undertaken. Moreover a process of ICT and customer satisfaction monitoring have been integrated in the project
Scaling Trajectory: