Promoting responsible and sustainable tourism through gift box
Social Purpose: 
The gift box "Equotube" is made with accommodations, services and restaurants that respect and work with the principles of Responsible and sustainable tourism. They use only organic food and promotion at km 0 product in order to protect the environment.
Social Impact: 
The product is socially responsible because it created jobs for disable people. Effectively, the confection of the gift box is made by a cooperative that employs only people with specific needs. All the supply chain respected the principles of responsible tourism which include the social aspects.
Innovative Character: 
They are the only one in Italy and even in Europe to promote responsible and sustainable tourism in Europe that way. They pay a specific attention to all the supply chain starting from the accommodations, restaurants and services to the selling points (shops, supermarkets, eco and organic shops) and the confection of the box in itself. All the supply chain is carefully selected and controlled. The elaboration of the gift box gives a specific attention to the social aspect but also to the environment aspects, cultural and economic. The selling points are bio and eco shops, cooperatives, supermarkets.
Scaling Trajectory: