erdbeerwoche GesbR

erdbeerwoche GesbR
erdbeerwoche provides both an awareness raising platform as well as an online shop for sustainable feminine hygiene products.
Social Purpose: 
Conventional tampons and pads are generally made of a mix between bleached and compressed cellulose, covered in a synthetic layer. The latter is repeatedly put in connection with skin irritations and infections of the genital area. Furthermore, harmful substances such as dioxin and formaldehyde, have already been found in conventional products. With 45 billion hygiene products thrown away every year worldwide, this is also a big environmental problem.
Social Impact: 
We already substituted more than 1mio conventional tampons and pads through our sustainable alternatives. According to the market potential this will be a lot more in the upcoming years! Our impact is not only on the ecological side by reducing huge amounts of plastics waste caused by conventional hygiene products, but also on the health side. A survey among our customers showed that 37% of women that switched to our sustainable alternatives experienced less infections and skin irritations in their genital area.
Innovative Character: 
erdbeerwoche offers healthy and ecological alternatives to conventional tampons and pads for the different needs of every woman. Through the company’s awareness raising work, women come to realise their power as consumers of more than 45 billion hygiene products every year