Familydea represents an info-commerce and e-commerce platform for social services
Social Purpose: 
The social purpose of the project is to provide families with an interesting offer in terms of care services combining the demand with a high quality of services offered by the local social cooperative system. Families nowadays need new and more flexible tools at affordable prices, but still need to feel that they can trust operators and have personalized services. A the same time the project offers the cooperatives system a valid promotion of their services, enhancing their capacity to stay on the market with quality services at affordable prices.
Social Impact: 
In Bolzano the community did not have a structured system of private proximity services, or corporate welfare but the services management was demanded to public services. In three months it has been tested the very high propensity to use the net to find new answers- the 15% per cent of this interest came from the directly interested people while the 58% from their relative of friends. The community can now rely on a unique centre of info and service booking for services managed by social cooperatives.
Innovative Character: 
The innovative character of Familydea lies in the strategic mix of technology (with the creation of the info/e- commerce platform) with existing contents/services in order to provide families with a new way to efficiently answer their needs and the cooperatives with the promotion and selling of their services.
Scaling Trajectory: