FlexBase BV

FlexBase BV
Designing and building of floating and amphibious structures.
Social Purpose: 
Climate change, massive urbanization and lack of effective land use plans are the main reasons for the flooding and bad water quality in the Asian delta cities. People come from the provinces to the cities for economic reasons, often build illegal accommodations in the left space that often are flood prone areas. FlexBase floating houses close to the city will help to reduce the vulnerability of urban poor communities in flood prone areas and will prevent the waste of human lives and financial capital.
Social Impact: 
Improve the life quality of urban poor communities in flood prone areas; Decrease in the number of deaths due to floods in the Asian delta's cities; Build floating structures using a recyclable and non-toxic material (ESP); Get better water quality in the Asian delta's cities.
Innovative Character: 
The base of the patented FlexBase concept consists of EPS (also known as Styrofoam) and when necessary concrete. The starting point of all concepts is that they are all directly built on the water so in terms of shape and size it can be realized regardless of the location. In addition, the concept is unsinkable with a high level of buoyancy and is recyclable. Regarding the environment the EPS is non-toxic and totally inert. EPS does not decompose and it provides therefore lifetime durability.
Scaling Trajectory: