Fondazione di Comunità di Messina

Fondazione di Comunità di Messina
Fondazione di Comunità di Messina aims to improve the human development supported by connection between educational system,welfare, production system, new technologies applied to the local communities
Social Purpose: 
The Community Foundation of Messina was created to promote human development by innovating and encouraging the growth of connections between the education system, welfare system, production system, provision of knowledge (including technology) and traditional skills of local communities.
Social Impact: 
The Community Foundation strengthens the relationships of the main clusters of the social economy of the territory of Messina and major national and international organizations. Immediately after its establishment, the Foundation has created a park spread of renewable energies, whose net return (along with fundraisers implemented annually) allows self-financing in the long term the social, cultural, economic solidarity, participatory democracy , research and development, higher education and business ethics that implement the goals.
Innovative Character: 
Promote individual freedoms of the people and local communities; Promote social cohesion through the experimentation of mature forms of social dialogue and participation. The creation of trust and horizontal rules, which will certainly have economic value, can be born from the recognition of neighborhood networks / parentato where they are still significantly present; Promote a social and solidarity that both male and female also declined, where excluded from development are fully citizenship and is an alternative solid and recognized forms of gray economies complacent, illegal and criminal; Promote the opening of local systems to the exchange of resources, knowledge, opportunities and thus promote the development of local talent and the attraction of creative talent.