Food Topia

Food Topia
Technology project that promotes balanced food production 100% local, respecting traditional recipes and quality, with an affordable price and with minimal environmental impacts
Social Purpose: 
Develop a new technology to produce quality food reducing the price by 2. The system Foodtopia produces food at the local level in urban areas and they transform it into other products in the factories with the hight technology procedure. The distrubution canal is local as the production. The purpose is to give back the independance to cities for the production of their food giving work to the local population, reducing the price of the food and prodcing at least 70% as organic food.
Social Impact: 
The factory, the agriculture is produced according with the local tradition, history. Foodtopia adapts to the local realities of the hosting territory. The factory is managed by an non-profit organisation to serve the local territory and population. The employees are all locals, and they could be people with special needs, desabilities, social excluded. The food chain is 100% local Foodtopia educates and trains people how to produce locally their food in order to be independant of the extrnal food producers. By consoming local and quality food, the public health expensure could be reduced to 60% and this money will be invested for promoting social aspects. The impact is very much sustainable with the environemental dimension but also cultural as the people are (re)discovering their food culture. It gives back to the city the primary sector that has disapeared, which gives also more independance. Creating new green areas to cultivate vegetables and food is very much important for the quality of life of the local population. Then Foodtopia helps people with low revenue to eat quality food.
Innovative Character: 
The process in its self is very much innovative because it includes the whole food chain, from the production to the transmation and the distrubution. The technologic process and the machines have been invented by FoodTopia in order to produce quality food but reasonable price giving back the cities and the people living in it, their autonomy in terms of food production. Foodtopia is innovative as a model of social franchise to expend abroad and to different cities in the world.
Scaling Trajectory: