Friendy is a doll that helps children to explore and learn how to cope with their feelings.
Social Purpose: 
Our aim with Friendy is to provide an easily accessible and fun friend that will help children express and cope with their feelings.
Social Impact: 
Feelings are a natural and important part of being human. They serve as an inner compass, but can be hard to express in a constructive way. Children who play with Friendy will learn why and in which situations they experience certain emotions. The main purpose of Friendy is to help children to put into words what they feel and to manage their feelings. Such skills will help children to develop self-esteem and empathy. For children who have difficulties coping with their emotions, training with Friendy is particularly useful.
Innovative Character: 
Friendy dolls show a range of emotions that we all have from time to time: anger, sadness, happiness, fear, being grumpy and calm. The innovative character is that we sell the six dolls (each for one of the feelings) all together so that children can cope all of these feelings. In addition to that we work with the emotional intelligence through the theater, the music, the books and the education as well.
Scaling Trajectory: