Fundacion Sanders

Fundacion Sanders
Fundacion Sanders has the mission to contribute to the educational growth of children at risk of exclusion by utilizing technology to create new digital learning CV.
Social Purpose: 
After school centers (non-formal educational programs) lack access to a standard curriculum of activities for their program, and this may apply to centers that even operate within the same metropolitan area. The challenge is that by operating autonomously, quantifying the benefit of investing in resources for children to attend these after school center programs is quite difficult. Even harder to accomplish, is providing an after school center with sufficient insight to know what’s working or knowing the causes of problems within their curriculum.
Social Impact: 
Our digital curriculum has been implemented in eight (8) after school centers in Madrid, and we impact the lives of 339 children and their families.
Innovative Character: 
In our time working with after school centers, we learned there is a need to make their curriculum more motivating for kids to want to attend while making impact more measureable. We created a collaborative process where after school centers submit their activities into a collective pool. We identify the best of these activities, and then we re-design them by incorporating new digital tools to stimulate better group dynamics, enriching learning content with multi-media, and creating a learning guide to improve the quality of instruction.