Giaura BV

Giaura BV
GIAURA has the most advanced CO2 capturing technology in the current field which is patented. It is geared particularly towards scrubbing CO2 molecules from the air.
Social Purpose: 
Recycle the captured CO2 into fuel again, closing the CO2 loop.
Social Impact: 
Our long-term goal is to develop a product in the bio-fuel market. GIAURA is now able to capture CO2 from the air and the final step would be to recycle this CO2 into fuel again. If we are able to do it in the near future, the economic benefit for closing this carbon loop is beyond profit and in the end it also will have a lasting impact on our planet creating a carbon neutral economy.
Innovative Character: 
Although CO2 causes a lot of problems it can also be re-used in a positive way which is our aim/vision: GIAURA creates a carbon neutral economy for our planet.
Scaling Trajectory: