GoBimbo is a very intuitive online platform connecting the supply and demand of children activities with the "here and now" strategy.
Social Purpose: 
The challenge is to give to all families (moms, daddies, grandparents, relatives) and to all people that spend time with children (0/10 years) a new service to help them to be always updated about children initiatives anytime and everywhere they are. Gobimbo provides a series of results targeted on everybody’s need, only by entering three data: age of child, date and gps position. It also helps new moms to find places to meet up with other new moms without spending time in searching (very important to fight postpartum depression symptoms)
Social Impact: 
Family members will hold on their phones an ‘always updated vade mecum of activities’ everywhere and anytime they need it, in their city and when they are abroad.
Innovative Character: 
There are no competitors in the European app market. All existing competitors offer a list of initiatives (but no one filter the results by age/date/position) and all published initiatives are chosen by the websites. Gobimbo is the platform which connects demand and supply (suppliers upload their initiatives for free and families search for results). The aim is to became the reference app for parents (for all kind of initiatives: spot activities, continuous courses, campus, etc) and the reference network to share suggestions and experiences
Scaling Trajectory: