GreenHopping promotes Europe as a unique destination where sustainable tourism takes place.
Social Purpose: 
The main mission is to raise awareness about sustainable tourism and sustainable development and to show that the concept is still been build and adaptable to each reality. Greenhopping gives the opportunities to people to go on holidays using sustainable services and going to sustainable destinations. The platform gathers together destinations, private actors and organisations, and also citizens and public institutions into a central topic which is sustainable tourism.
Social Impact: 
The social impact concerns all the supply chain and all the actors that composed the tourism product. The partnerships are build in respect of their values and they are build on a long term vision. The process to create partnership is quite long but it is sustainable. The platform allows the local population and the tourists to exchange about their experiences and their knowledge regarding one destination, one service, activity. The website needs to give some key points regarding sustainable tourism principles in order to promote the concept and also to raise awareness.
Innovative Character: 
There is not other platform such as greenhopping that gathers this kind of information at the European level. It exist already some but they focus on one destination, one product, one geographical area but no all Europe. The platform gathers together information but also awareness and the possibility to share and exchange about the topic of sustainable tourism and sustainable development.
Scaling Trajectory: