Gro Play

Gro Play
Offers social family edutainment games that connect parents and children around important issues such as wellbeing, health and sustainable living.
Social Purpose: 
They create 'good game' experiences in order to entertain and inspire children and their families to learn more about health, wellbeing and sustainable living. They believe that Play is not only the most fun but also the most powerful way of learning.
Social Impact: 
The play apps inspire people to live a healthier life and strive for a more sustainable lifestyle, for the individual, for the family, for the society and for the planet. They assess this impact through: A. measuring digital behaviour B. tracking conversations online C. focus groups / interviews with users
Innovative Character: 
They are developing a new disruptive digital play concept that connects small children and their parents / extended family and inspire people to strive for a sustainable lifestyle. This type of play concept doesn’t exist on the market today.