An international online community of Millennials addressing the concerns of their generation through empowering personal storytelling ( the user takes center stage and becomes a content producer)
Social Purpose: 
The project addresses the following challenges: - The gender gap in many professions and political representation - Lack of representation of diverse, empowering and non-stereotyped young adult voices in Romanian mainstream media - Lack of diversity-friendly publications that depict socio-economic, ethnic and sexual diversity as enriching and promote a tolerant view of differences - Disengagement from issues with direct impact on the European youth today, from policies on youth unemployment to closing the gender gap, because they are perceived as removed from personal, everyday life - Sense of isolation in the journey to adult life, when attitudes and preferences consolidate and uncertainties about professional prospects abound. These challenges are important and, to an extent, mutually reinforcing. They are discouraging to women breaking into untraditional fields of practice, to broader interpretations of professional success, to entrepreneurship, to involvement in public policy debates, to respect and appreciation for diverse cultures and identities, to collaborative projects and practices.
Social Impact: 
The ultimate social impact is to empower Millennials to be more engaged with the issues that concern them. From policies on youth unemployment to closing the gender gap, to tolerant views towards diversity, the project counts on the idea that if speaking up becomes normal and even cool, more people would dare to express their mind, share their learning experiences and take ownership of their capacity to start-up innovative, collaborative projects solving the issues they care about. The best contagion comes from knowing how others did it, and heymarie.ro as a community of resources, support and inspiration, gathers such living examples. It is also a place to find like-minded potential collaborators. Locally, heymarie.ro aims to become the voice of the empowered Romanian Millennial, connected to a global conversation of how we enact change in the world today by making our voices heard and found by others in need of motivation and a community of peers. Impact will be assessed through direct feedback, regular online feedback questionnaires, attendance and output of live events, number of collaborations and engaged users, growth of geographical reach.
Innovative Character: 
Few, if any, initiatives address all of the challenges mentioned above and from an individual-centered perspective, in Romania and the region. The project empowers the consumer to take on the role of content producer by placing hers/his personal story at the center of the debate. By making it personal, heymarie.ro contextualizes as relevant for any young adult today issues that otherwise might seem too big, political or impersonal. It takes the generation Y struggling young adult and lets her/him voice out concerns, discoveries and expectations. Based on what social media has facilitated as ease and immediacy of content generation, heymarie.ro profits from the urge to share and turns the debate personal. By doing so, it makes visible small yet universally resonating stories of struggle that can be inspiring, comforting or mobilizing to a generation deprived of professional or personal certainties. Heymarie.ro provides a frame and editorial services, grows a community of peers and engages with them through online and offline events.
Scaling Trajectory: