Bond’n’Bake is a cooking project for kids with story-like illustrated recipes that provides an interaction-based context where children develop communication skills as well as fine-motor abilities.
Social Purpose: 
Nutrition has become one of our main concerns when realizing that more than 30% of the Romanian children are overweight, regardless of the economical state of their families. When researching this fact and getting documented our team found that one of the roots of this disequilibrium is the unhealthy nutrition patterns that modern society undertakes. We have decided to improve the overall eating education of children and families in Bucharest by organizing interactive, challenging and fun workshops that aim both knowledge transfer and communication in order to ensure a positive impact.
Social Impact: 
The impact is visible both immediately and long term. During the workshops the children already start sharing their own knowledge and ask for more information regarding different types of food. Long term they get to apply their learnings by choosing what is healthy and beneficial for their bodies, as well a generally improved attitude towards healthy nutrition versus junk food. We assess the impact by using feedback forms, communicating with parents and follow up where possible. We take into consideration the number of participants to each event, the number of people that return and those who were recommended to join.
Innovative Character: 
The innovative character of the project comes from the educational, nutritional and arts synergy: we increase the interest of children towards healthy nutrition by using creative images, stimulating their imagination through stories and learning through play.
Scaling Trajectory: