HomeExchange.com is the platform of a network of people who exchange their homes to be able to get free accommodation for their holidays. People pay an annual fee (130€) to be part of the network.
Social Purpose: 
This innovation develops connexion among people, since it makes it easier for users from all around the world to meet local people when they travel. This is also for them a way to be able to travel for cheap, and it enable them to discover places that are not so touristic.
Social Impact: 
It is very beneficial for the local economy, because people spend a lot of money where they spend their holidays. It has been calculated, studies show that people want to spend money where the spend their holiday, especially since they spend almost no money for their accommodation.
Innovative Character: 
The exchange of homes has existed in facts for decades. In the years 1950-60, people working in universities in the USA developed a system based on trust. Then Ed Kushins created the company to develop this concept in the USA. It worked at first through a catalogue and a system of letters. The system grew worldwide in an exponential manner with the development of Internet. What makes its specificity is the “member support”, which provides the help of local staff speaking the language of the users to support them individually. Moreover, it is innovative in terms of tourism because it can make the users discover not so touristic places, and it connects people by affinity.