Hopineo is a worldwide community based on a resource center dedicated to responsible tourism’s empowerment and promotion.
Social Purpose: 
It permits every tourism professional to have access to a worldwide database of good practices and gives them the possibility to share their experience and talk about it with others.
Social Impact: 
It allows every traveller to make sense during his travels, by being useful. It allows you to go to the heart of the local culture through an authentic human sharing and exchange. It brings to the others his time and skills to help and develop in a responsible way. It is useful to the world because it contributes to the development of responsible tourism and to the common good.
Innovative Character: 
A new participative way of traveling: the HopTrips! Hopineo’s aim is to enhance concrete responsible field solutions and good practices (HopSolutions) sharing among tourism professionals (HopHosts), thanks to travellers (HopTripers). Anyone, especially travellers, collect and post responsible tourism good practices on Hopineo.org. A collective intelligence is thus formalized and available on the website. Then travellers spread them to their host by bartering their time and competencies in exchange for room and board. Anyone who has managed a small company knows that a general manager often lacks time and means to take a step backwards and think about new solutions or developments, or even to look for good practices on internet or elsewhere. Thanks to the HopTrips, collaborative economy becomes an answer to this field issue, bringing time, skills, competencies and solutions to the small field actors through the participation of travellers. As no money is involved in this new type of barter, it makes it accessible to the widest range of people and organizations.