Idrott utan gränser (Sport Without Borders)

Idrott utan gränser (Sport Without Borders)
IUG works to give all children and young people opportunities to shape their future beyond their social belonging sake of limitation and thus avoid a future alienation.
Social Purpose: 
We see that segregation is increasing around the world and to people based on their social belonging. We see that children and young people will not be seen and confirmed and even difficult to achieve learning objectives in elementary school, get into college and then find a job as a young adult. When you do not have a job is a great risk of falling into the destructive circuits.
Social Impact: 
The developments that we pursue in children and young people is to strengthen their self-esteem and confidence. Getting them to dare to actively participate, dare to try-out, dare to fail, to say no (to break bullying patterns), dare to create social relations, etc. By IUG, we have seen that many children have been seen and confirmed and some of my former students are now operational managers for IUG for each city. We have also developed a method where we both make a difference in children and young people but also gets our leaders more employable in the labor market by giving them a full-time job where they both work experience, as well as internal and external training.
Innovative Character: 
If we are to get people to be seen and acknowledged and get the right conditions to shape their future, we have to catch them in time. We do it when they are children and attending school where we introduce meaningful leisure activities in sports classes through good role models who are trained in the IUG method. By creating relationships through good role models that is when we catch up the kids and can even follow them up at their leisure.