Ikedoo Institute

Ikedoo Institute
IKEDOO was found in 2010 in Romania to help children improve academic performance and to facilitate their adaptation to real life using the 21st century skills.
Social Purpose: 
IKEDOO constantly generates innovative educational programs with an emphasis on learning through experience, physical activities and collaboration. Our programs are based on hands-on activity, using large construction elements which are designed to behave like objects from real life or real materials and tools; all activities rely on the development of social skills with an emphasis on teamwork / collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving
Social Impact: 
• 1 centre currently with more than 400 members; • Over 150 hours of educational content produced and delivered; • Involves cross gender collaboration and peer to peer learning; • Aims to ignite children’s potential.
Innovative Character: 
IKEDOO’s is leading experiential learning in Romania. The curricula is targeting to children aged 3 to 12. The programs are organized in courses which are delivered in schools or in our own location. We replaced the old method “teach and test” with “trial and error” and we added a crucial component, real materials, tools and problems. The kids study geometry using power drills, they assemble large aqueducts or bridges to learn physics or, if they small, explore the underwater world in a submarine.
Scaling Trajectory: