Imagination for people

Imagination for people
My Social Business Model
Social Purpose: 
Help social enterprises to build a more sustainable business model. The MSBM is totally free and available online to new entrepreneurs.
Social Impact: 
The users of the MSBM are learning about their business idea, while they are filling the questionnaire. It is a pedagogical tool. It helps the social entrepreneurs to be more professional and to improve their skills and knowledge regarding social enterprise. The tool also helps young businesses to be more successful and to avoid the lost of the new created organisations.
Innovative Character: 
My SBM is unique as it is a tool totally at the disposal of any entrepreneur to better master their business model. There are existing tools and software regarding the classic business sector but nothing has been done for the social entrepreneurship. There are 1000 entrepreneurs in 9 months in about 15 countries that have used the services of my SBM. It is available in French and in English. The model is also sustainable in an economical point of view as the service is also sell to companies and organisations that are willing to organise competitions, challenges. They design a special model for them. MSBM provides them the white brand (costume the software based on the needs of the company) and markets the challenge with the our graphic charter of the organisation. It providers statistics, feedback and comments on the person participating to the competition. There is not looser as MSBM is a pedagogical tool and the candidates learn while there are answering to the 60 questions divided into 8 categories. Otherwise, for individual entrepreneurs, the service is totally free.