ImagineCargo is going to reduce the emissions impact of small package deliveries by creating an alternative to the conventional integrator/express networks
Social Purpose: 
A 5kg package transported across Europe using a typical express carrier such as FedEx, UPS or DHL could generate up to 12kg of CO2 emissions. Express operators are carrying around 4.5 million packages around Europe every day. Currently customers cannot access a truly low-impact transportation service at the national and international level outside of Switzerland. Cycle couriers in Austria and Germany can offer an extremely clean, efficient and effective within cities but to provide service outside their home cities they must use carbon-intensive transport (trucks).
Social Impact: 
Our primary focus is CO2 emissions reduction but there are other external impacts (e.g. noise, congestion, accidents, particulate pollution, other greenhouse/harmful) gases) that can also be reduced using our concept. We also are stimulating demand for additional cycle messengers through generating package volumes for them to deliver – we have a draft ‘social charter’ for the working conditions of the messengers. Certain messenger jobs can be suitable for disabled or other people excluded from traditional jobs.
Innovative Character: 
Carbon offsetting or limited use of low-impact transportation modes have been attempted by some operators but apart from the swissconnect network in Switzerland we’re not aware of any other project that aims to fundamentally change the modal split towards low-impact transportation for long-distance package transportation.