Integrated communications agency established in 1989 and dedicated on promoting energy efficiency use as well as sustainable development
Social Purpose: 
Project platform is based on the Synergic model of cooperation. Model enables synchronization of the interests of suppliers (profit), end users of energy (savings) and public interest (social and environmental wellbeing). platform is supporting a synergic product a web application that enables calculations of potential savings in all aspects of energy use (transport, electric devices cooling and heating). Savings are the most important aspect for end users of energy apart from the fact that energy is available which most of the people take for granted. Informing people about potential savings shape the market that everybody is a part of and force the suppliers in the direction of energy efficiency and renewable sources. The energy use reduction has a positive impact on environment (lower greenhouse gas emissions and imports dependence, reduced unemployment).
Social Impact: 
Our project SpendLess energy enables coordination and connection of corporate, individual and social interests, successful cooperation and realization of synergy effects in the field of energy consumption. Corporate interests are brought together in the Synergy network, which is an organized non-institutionalized form of mutual cooperation of legal (public) bodies who want to contribute to the sustainable development of society through corporate social responsibility, and achieve their business goals at the same time. In addition to the general social interest: “concern for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources”, which is a common motive found across the entire project and largely associated with a coherent sustainable development of society, social interests are also pursued by creating a joint knowledge base – collecting data, analysing it and identifying trends. The individual interests are focused on attitudes and use of energy, willingness to invest, condition of buildings and equipment, and household energy consumption. All of these key points contributes with raising awareness and promoting energy efficiency through constant monitoring and reporting. Each action within the You are Energy, be Efficient campaign sets goals and business results for each partner and for the network as a whole – thus, the value and visibility of the trademark increase, as does the value of participating partners' trademarks included in the recognisable network.
Innovative Character: 
Web application (Spendless-energy) is a key product that was launched in 2013 and is already well established in Slovenia. It has over 47.000 unique visitors. We established 9 app partners, 5 for energy suppliers and 4 for key media (App partners are the companies who lease our application spendless-energy with our coordination, support and supervision). Application free of charge enables calculations of potential energy savings in 4 separate modules (transport, electric devices, cooling and heating) for housing, companies and public sector. We developed an innovative sales concept that supports grout of the platform. Every client opens a new door to the app for new users. We offer to clients a possibility to adopt app as an efficient sales tool that is a part of their web site. The brand Spendless-energy is the same also on our app partner’s web sites, so visitors know that calculations are independent and not influenced by the company who are hosting application in their web site. Also, we developed innovative promotional tool that is based on useful information for end users supported with results of Energy Efficiency Research - REUS that we continuously conduct every year in Slovenia and on our cooperation with key media. Our success with application in Slovenia is proving our business model, which we adopting for launching the Spendless-energy app with flexible synergic support also to other countries. Our Platform includes innovative promotion concept, interdisciplinary synergic support of experts and marketing support for sustainable energy and equipment. Crucial for the success of the project is the interest of the suppliers who are hosting application on their web sites. For them is designed as an efficient marketing tool but in the way that doesn’t affect the independency of the application.