Innesto cooperative

Innesto cooperative
Community based tourism to encourage employment of social disavantaged people
Social Purpose: 
The cooperatives aims to - have less environmental impacts as much as possible with zero kilometers - sustain social disadvantaged people - work only on the local bases involving all the community - promote the local culture by applying responsible tourism principles - renovate old traditional houses in order that the families of the village live in there - educate and train young people by welcoming them in the cooperative and create the meeting between the employees and the visitors -
Social Impact: 
The rural commune counts 120 people and has created 78 jobs employing 17 persons of the village. The cooperatives Promotes the local values, traditions, culture to the tourist but also toward the habitants themself. The cooperative employes 78 people with 40 part time in order to give work to everyone. The cooperative helps the insertion of social disavantaged people by giving them a job. The cooperation encourages the exchange between the socially disavanted people with schools.
Innovative Character: 
It is based on the development of the local territories for the whole productive chain (employees, products, services..) with a special focus on the disavantaged people. The initiative includes differents activities and services.