Inspire Foundation

Inspire Foundation
Inspire Foundation's aim is to equip young adults with essential life skills – resulting in employment and a voluntary commitment that is recognized and long term.
Social Purpose: 
The initiative addresses education, changes in society, efficient use of resources, creates jobs for disadvantages employees, improves the conditions of disadvantages young adults living in poverty or who feel they are socially excluded, encourages integration of communities and helps bridge the gap between disadvantaged young adults and the world – it is important because the initiative is based on empowering disadvantaged young adults and allows them to recognize their skills in a meaningful way
Social Impact: 
Social impact is assessed by feedback questionnaires on a monthly basis -
Innovative Character: 
It is unique as rather than being based on giving disadvantaged young adults the view that they are being given an opportunity whilst the underlying premise is based on the fact that they are inferior it focuses on the fact that they are equipped with the skills that the majority of the young adults who feel they are superior are lacking – the project is based on integration and there is no other initiative that is set up to demonstrate the reality that young adults who have to deal with major disadvantages are better equipped with life skills than the most privileged young adults.
Scaling Trajectory: