Jiddr provides a service for 13-19 year olds, to talk to adults through a smart phone app, where they can discuss scheduled topics.
Social Purpose: 
Young people lack access to adults that they can confide in and ask advice from. As a results issues they experience may not get resolved and lead to more grave psychological concerns. Jiddr provides a channel for questions form young people to voluntary adults that share their expertise. It is a psychologically more accesible channel for young poeple than for example childrens emergency hot-lines.
Social Impact: 
Jiddr's service can help improve psychological and social health among young people. Many young people hesitate to call childrens emergency lines, however experience psychological problems that remain unaddressed. Jiddr launched the app in February 2013.
Innovative Character: 
Jiddr combines a technological innovation of a smart phone app that allows for conference call-like set-up for large groups, with providing a service for young people to access adult advice. By scheduling certain topics over the course of the day Jiddr encourage youth to convene around topics of their interest as a platform to establish trust and an atmosphere where they feel comfortable adressing difficult questions.
Scaling Trajectory: