Jose Antonio Morales Caceres S.P.

Jose Antonio Morales Caceres S.P.
Involved in organizing events and conferences where to discuss cases about fear & failure within a business context.
Social Purpose: 
Individuals, organizations of all kinds are in a constant search for productivity, innovation and growth. In order to achieve that, an individual or a team requires a set of conditions. These conditions are essentially social and they can’t be in place without a culture that understands the nature of fear, the meaning of failures and the potential of moving forward. The challenges the initiative addresses are: - Paralysis by fear: establishing a new business; starting a new project; sharing new ideas, etc. - Unhealthy working environments: lack of communication; sense of confusion between authority and leadership; poor knowledge transfer; lack of trust; lack of social balance (exclusivity vs inclusivity). - Individual frustration: the person feels like is not growing and each time that passes she/he forgets or loses more of her/him-self. There is a feeling of dissatisfaction and a low quality of life as a consequence. - Social imbalance: Our culture is based on exclusivity and a logical mindset (masculine energy). The current times demand
Social Impact: 
At this moment we do not have a formal assessment of the social impact the initiative produces. But we have an informal measure that is helping us identify the metrics we should use. We have talked with many of our community members and they have expressed the changes they are implementing after participating at our events; we have cases of life/career changing; we have overwhelming positive feedback. ! We would like to implement a followup process where to measure in the case of individuals: Implementation of changes; Improved quality of life after implementing changes; Improved business systems (entrepreneurs). ! In the case of organizations, the metrics will be custom built in order to align with their strategical priorities: productivity, innovation, working environment, etc.
Innovative Character: 
First step: Using a TEDx-like format and a speaker preparation process, we prepare the conditions to host(*) Fear & Fail events that inspire individual growth, build community and kickstart change. We are currently designing a set of workshops intended to expand on the concepts and experiences obtained during the public events, while introducing in-depth theoretic and practical skills. ! Second step: Fear & Fail wants to participate with individuals and organizations along their path towards fearless, effective and responsible businesses. We have developed a methodology for that purpose and we’ll implement the methodology using different kind of workshops. ! There are a couple of similar initiatives. One of them is focused on Startups (tech) therefore not inclusive enough for our intentions; other is more inclusive but focused only on event organization (no workshops or follow up). ! (*) Art of hosting