Karisma Kidz Ltd

Karisma Kidz Ltd
Karisma Kidz is a multi-award-winning brand that helps young children (aged 3-9) develop emotional intelligence.
Social Purpose: 
Many children fail to achieve their potential at school because their capacity to absorb learning is limited by a lack of basic social and emotional skills that enable them to control their feelings and behaviour. This is disproportionately true among children from disadvantaged backgrounds, meaning that they start their educational journey on the back foot relative to their more affluent peers, perpetuating the association between low income and low grades. Children with low EQ are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem, to act disruptively in class, and to make an early exit from education.
Social Impact: 
By improving children’s ability to understand and manage their emotions, and encouraging them to express themselves both emotionally and creatively, we help them to build self-awareness, self-confidence and self-esteem. Many years of research shows that this makes children better able to form strong relationships with others and to learn effectively at school. Because our impact is preventative, it takes time to build up robust quantitative data to demonstrate impact. We are currently setting up longitudinal studies in collaboration with researchers at the University of Salford, and we are working with the charity Kids Company to assess early indications of behavioural change in children from disadvantaged backgrounds who are exposed to our platform.
Innovative Character: 
The exercises embedded in our games are well established and have been used effectively in traditional social and emotional learning programmes for many years. Although there have been previous attempts to digitise these to achieve greater reach, no such effort has managed to engage children sufficiently to realise the potential impact. We are leveraging our team’s extensive experience in children’s entertainment to overcome this issue and build digital products that children genuinely want to engage with. One company, If You Can, sits firmly in our space in terms of using mobile gaming to build emotional literacy, but this targets older children (ages 8-12) and does not include parental inputs. Older children are more straightforward to cater for, but much greater impact can be achieved by targeting younger children and equipping them with these vital soft skills before children have had a chance to fall behind at school.
Scaling Trajectory: