Kilipupu: kinder garden
Social Purpose: 
- Create a peaceful and suitable environmnet to promote and encourage socialisation, cognitive and emotional growth of the child, at different stages of growth, and according to the rhythms of personal development - promoting autonomy and education to respect and awareness of diversity - support the needs of care and education of families - Being a place of information, training and exchange between operators and parents.
Social Impact: 
- routine management (reception, baby food, hygiene care, ...), the proposed workshop activities (manipulation, painting, free game and / or structured songs, dances, etc ...) - moments of sharing and support for parents. - Organised according to the programming Annual Teaching and inserted within the Educational Project of the service.
Innovative Character: 
- creation of a kindergarde in agreement with the Nestlé and build within its working structure - creation of a tale of a child and chocolate: through the fairytale children acquire the ability to establish friendships with peers and adults, trust towards others and the "sense" of compliance with the rules of coexistence, accepting individual differences. - The characters and the magical atmosphere of "Kilipupu and the Chocolate Factory" are peinted on the walls of kinder garden, the tale becomes a living space in which children are placed as co-stars in continuous visual contact with friends illustrated. - The tale takes on the role of living element of kinder garden, furniture, color experience, pedagogical proposal.