A model new economy community combining living, working and local production in a sustainable and regenerative way for the wellbeing of individuals and families
Social Purpose: 
Kingsmill addresses the structural challenges of people living in isolation, the dispersion of economies and the latter's lack of resilience. it is important to create resilient living and working communities that people can afford and that contribute to well-being as well as regenerate a local econmy.
Social Impact: 
Social impact is measured by 1) the number of people learning about this new local economy model, 2) the number of people attracted and expressing interest, signing up for and literally buying into the living model and by 3) the number of investors and partner businesses engaged # of collaborations happening within the community and emerging out of the initiative # of similar places inspired by and learning from Kingsmill impact on the local community - # jobs created
Innovative Character: 
The innovative character lies in the combination of living, working, local energy production and job creation. Also the new economy in practice is innovative: showing that it works and that it is replicable in other places. Moreover it influences the policies around how we live, work and use space and shows how these policies need to change.