KOEO is an enterprise dedicated to programmes of skills donation between companies and non-profit organisations. Today, KOEO wishes to reinforce the territorial network, involving local authorities.
Social Purpose: 
Facing a steady decline in state grants, municipalities are forced to make a steady decline in subsidies to local civil society actors, which weakens the local structures of general interest and may call into question the quality of their services to the citizens, as the sustainability of the social bond. The new issues of territories (eg. Grand Paris) force to review innovative financing mechanisms to deal with a complex budgetary equation (drop in overall staffing operation, increase equalization, etc). KOEO Helps fighting the funds problem for the third sector. It Connects companies and third sector by donation of skills instead of money. They created a tool to match them. The Subvention Metis® partially offset the decline in financial resources allocated to the municipalities associations by proposing, in a complementary manner, professional and personal skills of employees of the municipality businesses.
Social Impact: 
The solutions proposed by KOEO and in particular the subvention Metis® affect many direct and indirect beneficiaries: • The associations thus find alternative resources face of declining public grants and may also become more professional in their skills development through the contribution of local businesses employees. Indirectly all thel final beneficiaries of these associations of general interest that are affected. • Communities that innovate in their local support of the general interest, initiating operationally private for-profit/ non-profit sector partnerships • Companies looking to increase their local impact through practical, operational and coherent answers with their CSR and HR strategies, while enabling their employees to find meaning in their career by getting involved actively in solidarity Proximity. Thus, by bringing all stakeholders through the Metis® subsidy borne by the municipality, the skills sponsorship arrangement, besides the societal impact given to associations and their end beneficiaries, is also creator of social links between local actors, public and private, which effectively respond to new societal issues of territorial innovation. In terms of evaluation, KOEO, since its operational launch in 2010, it has at the end of 2014: • 125 missions conducted • 485 employees mobilized • 6250 hours of sponsorship deployed skills • 52 associations of general interest supported • 25 committed companies
Innovative Character: 
KOEO Makes working together the companies’ world, the non-profit world and public authorities. The Innovation is also in the donation of skills, very useful for the non-profit sector, because they need to develop more and more.