Koiki is a social entrepreneurship project aimed to disrupt the current home delivery service in any country in the world.
Social Purpose: 
Employment for Intellectual Disabled people, which are the most affected in the employment market, for young and long term unemployed people. Disabled people, with intellectual or physical disabilities in our neighborhoods, already work as KOIKI’s postmen/postwomen or messengers. They receive parcels from the transport companies in their own garages, homes or in neighborhood stores. We address also pollution in our cities coming from transport vehicles. Our Koikis, who live very near to the consignee, delivers either walking or biking.
Social Impact: 
KOIKIs avoid pollution and noise in our cities. We estimate that our KOIKIs, working full time, saves around 6.500 CO2 kgs./year and avoid 150.000kms of vehicles going round and round in his neighborhood. We aim to have around 1.200 Koikis deployed all over Spain in 3 years, of which at least 30% coming from Disabled Associations.
Innovative Character: 
Our KOIKIs disrupt the way parcels are delivered or picked up at our homes. Consumers dictate the timing at which they want their KOIKIs to pick-up or deliver parcels at their homes. Whereas nowadays Parcel Companies dictate the delivery timing. Our KOIKIs operate with a Smartphone App in order to receive and deliver parcels. They deliver or pick up parcels, to/from their neighbors, walking or biking in very short distances from their homes or local stores.