Kooness is the first european platform that increases art gallery visibility by offering a tool to reach a larger, more global audience of internet connected art buyers.
Social Purpose: 
Kooness mission is the democratization of art by opening galleries doors to everyone who has an internet connection. Kooness wants to spread art in everyone life and to bring contemporary art at everyone disposal. It informs about emerging artist, new exhibitions and art market evolution.
Social Impact: 
Our aim is to turn Kooness into an online home for all of the world’s art while making the big names of the art world accessible to the masses. Promoting young and talented artists and small art galleries located in different countries. Due to the crisis many art galleries are about to close and we want to provide them a new sale channel to reach different customers in different areas. Kooness wants to keep the art environment alive and brings art in everyone’s life.
Innovative Character: 
Kooness it's different and more innovative compare to competitors. It has direct and simple e-commerce, without intermediation, defined artworks target, prices between 100 and 10.000 €. New tipe of customers, involving who is approaching art for the first time. Interaction, user through its customized profile, can build its own collection, post comments, share, follow and like. Advance App, new technology that let the user sees a preview of how the artwork fits.