Kuorum.org improves the communication between citizens and their political representatives through technology.
Social Purpose: 
Kuorum.org is a social company, which means that our social goals are the priority. And therefore, beyond technology development tasks, we focus our activity in the organization of events and training sessions to promote a more democratic and participative culture. Our vision can be presented in three areas. Technology: We care for the user experience in our tools, in order to promote a constructive and responsible participation. Politics: We enable transparency in the interaction between citizens, organizations and policy makers at local, regional, state and supranational level. Social: We foster participation among the less favored social groups through our offline activity.
Social Impact: 
Our goal is to improve the communication between citizens and their political representatives through technology. In order to ensure that our activity is not only economically but also socially profitable, we monitor our social impact following the recommendations of the Expert Group in Social Entrepreneurship of the European Commission (GECES).
Innovative Character: 
In the recent years there has been a trend towards more transparent administrations. Some countries have issued new transparency regulations or reinforced their old ones. And many civil organizations launched digital platforms to watch their parliament or city hall activities. But these measures didn't have the expected positive results when it comes to citizens feeling involved in the decision making processes. Kuorum.org is therefore a tool where policy-makers are the ones to ask for contributions to the citizenry in order to make decisions. Thereby, the frustration of non-interactive transparency is substituted by a much more positive feeling of inclusion.