La Fabrique à Initiative

La Fabrique à Initiative
Help the development of social enterprises in order to face social problematics in a specific territory. This issue is based on a social economic development with the creation of social activites.
Social Purpose: 
La fabrique à Initiatives is facing 2 challenges : answer a social problematic identified by local actors ( municipalities, SME, NGO, citizens, …)especially when the market is not offering any solutionsand built, with others actors, a solution adapted to all these situations in order to answer a social need but also to contribute to the economic development in a local area with creation of social SME (employement)We identified a lot of potential in many territories but there is a really need of coordination, cooperation between all actors that may be involved in order to face the social problematic of a territory (no social answer, no economic development, no job creation, …)
Social Impact: 
The social impact is created by the social SME that we support. Moreover, we also manage to connect actors that are working on the same field, in order to achieve the same goals, but they were not working together before. This should help them to have a stronger social impact, to create bigger and stronger SME. Nowadays, we create 4 or 5 SME per year (except 2011 : starting year of the program). Each SME is creating 5 jobs in a 3 years plan. Since 2011, 10 activities were created and it leaded to the creation of (around) 40 jobs
Innovative Character: 
We base our analysis on the social need that we identified and not on the project « manager ». We use a different way of implementing a project in order to develop a project with the inclusion of all actors concerned and this will help us to offer an adapted solution to a specific context, a specific needs.
Scaling Trajectory: