La Teignouse AMO – Tutoring to help you grow

La Teignouse AMO – Tutoring to help you grow
A project for young people by young people, in which young school pupils and students learn from older, more experienced fellow pupils .
Social Purpose: 
Early school leaving; it is an important challenge as early school leavers are often excluded of the labour market and socially excluded. School is the first place where problems have to be addressed. It is also important to address all skills that young people can develop, not only succeeding at school, but also social skills for example.
Social Impact: 
The young pupils who are facing (or in risk of facing) challenges at school and/or in their neighboorhood/families don't drop out of school. The impact is assessed through a questionaire that is filled in by each partie (including the parents) at the end of each year.
Innovative Character: 
The young tutors who help other young pupils have the same profile: they live in the same neighboorhoods (often in social housing), they have had to face similar challenges in the past, etc. therefore the tutors act as "examples" for the young pupils who are facing challenges to succeed at school. Also, both 'parties' are supported and reinforced in their skills (mutual 'contracts', monitoring, guidance and training, feedback and evaluation, etc.). Finally, the tutoring is only offered to pupils who actually express a demand for it (it is not mandatory or at the initiative of their parents).