It is an agency created by the municipality of Ravenna, with social services and the consortium Fare Comunità, with the aim of care and maintenance of civil commons and coordination of volunteering.
Social Purpose: 
The starting assumption is that people are not only bearers of needs, but also of capacity, and that it is possible that these capabilities are made available to the community to help giving solution, together with public authorities, to problems of general interest, while promoting the development of active citizenship. In addition to this, Laboriously is a laboratory of new ideas of subsidiarity which organizes and promotes special days of civic maintenance (to make concrete actions anti-degradation) and new initiatives of socialization (to circulate public spirit and the culture of commons).
Social Impact: 
In terms of impact, we can include as main indicator the number of subscribers. "Laboriously" at 31st December 2014 counted 158 members (99 males and 59 females) resident or domiciled in the Municipality of Ravenna. Also with regard to the number of active volunteers, at the various associations that have requested it, were activated 53 volunteers (28 males and 25 females). In total "Laboriously" has received 37 requests for volunteers by: 1 public institution, 11 associations, two foundations, one parish and three social cooperative In general, we can say that this project increases the social participation of citizens in taking care of commons.
Innovative Character: 
LABORIOSAMENTE is not an association. People who want to volunteer do not have to be part of an association, instead the municipality provides them an insurance. It is also important to highlight the collaboration between a Public authority and the third sector.