Ecoliving is a social cooperative created to manage the project l'Ape Bianca a sustainable store
Social Purpose: 
Ecoliving occupies a space of 1100mq in Bologna, a sort of "square" where visitors can move freely and pleasantly, choosing which of the different shops to visit, or stopping in the open places and areas of aggregation. it is organized into four areas: 1 . a grocery store of certified products from local suppliers , mainly offered in bulk mode and on tap, with great attention to quality and wholesomeness of food, to their seasonality and provenance; 2 . a market devoted to local organic producers , exclusively for direct sale of fresh and fresh ( vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, dairy products) ; 3 . a conglomeration of "workshops" that offer ethical and organic non-food products and innovative products ( cosmetics, baby products, fashion and clothing, household items, sustainable tourism offers , ethical services for the well-being ). 4 . an area dedicated social aggregation with organic gastronomy , bar and event space . Ecoliving is a work integration social cooperative.
Social Impact: 
The social impact of Ecoliving lies in the possibility for the citizens of Forlì to find a place where they are supported in embracing a sustainable lifestyle, from clothes shopping, to 0kmand biological food shopping, to counseling on sustainable practices in finance, environmental habits, childcare, gymnastic (yoga...ecc) to biological and sustainable eating at L'Apebianca restaurant.
Innovative Character: 
Ecoliving / The APEBIANCA contributes to local development and growth of the Gross Domestic Well-being through the construction of an innovative "social market quality" that focuses on themes such as the environment, energy conservation, culture, strategy and network solidarity. It promotes a new model of communication in which the sharing of knowledge and technology is at the basis of self-governed media democratic and community radios, street TV, free software, open source systems, communication workshops, participatory forms of associations, local committees,etc. Ecoliving disposes of a system of ethical finance thanks to which it carries on its goal remaining independent from the traditional banking system for the investments required by the Apebianca project.​
Scaling Trajectory: