Le Mat

Le Mat
Le Mat - special places, special people, special values
Social Purpose: 
The creation of the social entrepreneurs in the tourism sector that have experience already in the sector. The Mat is helping the ideas to become reality by bringing and advising on social issues, social solutions friendly with the principles of responsible tourism and social economy. The Mat helps to create the sense of entrepreneurship and to create small businesses for people who have the idea and the experience but who need support and advice. The professionals are especially people who are not in situation of social exclusion.
Social Impact: 
Improvement of the competences of people in situation of exclusion, help the local development by helping people to create their company, to realise their idea, to involve all the local territory.
Innovative Character: 
To promote social entrepreneurship toward people in situation of social exclusion. The Mat has invented the concept of social franchising. The brand LE MAT – social entrepreneurs in tourism and the first manuals telling about a new specific know how have been experimented and developed since 1985. The Mat has created also the European Social Franchising Network. The social franchise is normally set up not to maximise profits, but to enable people to work together and share ideas. The founder is driven by a social goal, such as the employment of disabled people, the democratisation of the economy or tackling climate change. As such the social franchise has a social purpose and is often owned by its social franchise members but it is also a business that makes profits. Without these profits, it could not survive and grow and meet its social aims.
Scaling Trajectory: