Lemonaid Beverages Ltd

Lemonaid Beverages Ltd
Funding social development projects in developing countries through the sales of a range of organic soft drinks
Social Purpose: 
Through Fairtrade and local developing projects in the South, we help empowering farmers and their families economically and politically by guaranteeing them a fair income and participation in decision making processes in their local communities.
Social Impact: 
Improving the education standards in our farmers’ local communities by financing schools, education projects, female entrepreneurs, solar projects, etc. on an ongoing basis. Up to now, we have raised more than £560.000 through the sales of our beverages and donated them back via our charitable Foundation.
Innovative Character: 
We are a completly self-sustaining and profitable business that generates profits solely for the purpose of donating it back into the growing regions though our charitable Foundation (e.g. Sri Lanka, South Africa, etc.). The soft drink industry is dominated by a few shareholder-value driven global players, producing standardised, over-sugared products. Our drinks are groundbraking in terms of social responsibility, design, taste and ingredients.
Scaling Trajectory: