les amis du Zeybu

les amis du Zeybu
Zeybu organise a market twice a month to sell local products to citizens. Producers sell their product and give 10% additional for free, which is given to people in need through "solidarity money"
Social Purpose: 
the initiative has several social aims: - sell local products or products coming directly from producers; - distribute part of those products to people in need; - revitalise the area organising the market twice a month and other local initiatives (dinners, workshops).
Social Impact: 
The social impact is very high for all the stakeholders. Producers sell food and donate exceeding food (insetad of destroying it). Consumers buy local food. People in need are given "solidarity money" to buy food. The impact is strong on local community because the market revitalises the area. There have been some external studies in oreer to assess the social impact.
Innovative Character: 
The project is innovative because it is based on the concept of "solidarity loop". Producers, consumers, citizens, local authority are all interdipendent. People in need are not given food for free but put in condition to buy and chose food they want and pay throught the "solidarity money". The solidarity money is the result of the food given for free by producers and sold and it is distributed on the account of people in need. The system works thanks to a software realised by volunteers and used by members to order food at the market.