Libera Terra

Libera Terra
Free lands from the Mafia to promote social cohesion and to create sustainable jobs
Social Purpose: 
To propose a business model in respect of the legal laws as an alternative to illegal activities and to offer work to targets with special needs and in situation of social exclusion.
Social Impact: 
Unit the cooperative, give an opportunity to disasvantaged people (30% of the employees), Re-use the confiscated goods is a simbole to take away power of the Mafia. It creates also work and jobs and a sustainable economic activities. There is a cultural impact to give the message that companies working in the respect of the law can work. There is an impact on education because Libera Terra shows to the children how the products are made and the story of the cooperative. All the providers are fighting against illegal activities. The workers are almost all locals. The project promotes the training even to the adults as they propose seminaries and local action to make awared and to support local innitiatives to fight against the organised crime.
Innovative Character: 
The exploitation of the goods confiscated to the Mafia by the culture of organic food and by the development of tourism is very innovative. The confiscated goods belong to the public authorities which delegate cooperatives as Libera Terra to take advante of it. The project has 2 important impacts. First, it is very much sustainable at the economic level but also in therms of protection of environment. Second, Libera Terra offers to the local population work and by then, a successful business model as an alternative to illegal activities. The project carries a lot of values as an educational program to the legality, the protection of the most vulnerable people by giving them work. All these values are adapted to the local realities ( cultural traditions),
Scaling Trajectory: