technology-oriented company that focuses on monitoring and improving of the human environment, human behavior, and human wellbeing and performance using
Social Purpose: 
LimeCam addresses the energy consumption of illumination, in particular quantifies the energy savings potential that can be achieved when replacing traditional street illumination with low energy illumination of new technology (e.g., LED).
Social Impact: 
All European citizens are affected each night by the quality of outdoor public and private artificial illumination. Illumination facilitates orientation at night, supports traffic security (many European norms in this area), increases objective security and the subjective feeling of security, affects human health via affecting the chronobiological circadian rhythm, has strong esthetic effects, can be used as architectural design element to direct attention, can stimulate mood and wellbeing, and affects human and nature in many other ways. The generation of light requires electrical energy and impacts on citizens via this link in the form of municipal taxes (costs) and CO2 emissions. Illumination should right, in the right areas, not too dim, not to bright, have the right spectral composition.
Innovative Character: 
LimeCam is unique and innovative because it utilizes advanced technology (2D illuminance measurement synchronized with GPS / Galileo, image recognition, photogrammetry, data fusion) to create an objective picture of the status of illumination in a defined region. The data generated with LimeCam lead directly to the count of light points that should be renewed and to the number of kWh that can be saved when implementing the suggestions of a LimeCam analysis.