Lybra cooperative realizes social projects in field of social housing (DPCM 16.7.2009 Piano nazionale edilizia abitativa e succ.) and private health care.
Social Purpose: 
The social aims are finalized to facilitate the services access for the lower and middle class citizens through the promotion of the private welfare. The social housing project concerns the management of private housing scheme with the aim to complete the public one. The objective is to change the excessive help from the government with a smarter (improving the application of social media and new media) and more inclusive community (creating a mix between citizens and community services). The social care action concerns the realisation of a private health centre (blood sample point, specialized medicine, psycho – educational services). The aim is to improve the private healthcare through lower price and conventions with welfare in order to fortify the public healthcare that does not satisfy anymore the citizens demand.
Social Impact: 
The impact in field of social housing concerns new sustainable buildings as well as the choice of habitants in order to create an inclusive community. The residences assignment should be based on social and economical aspects. Lybra coop is partner of C.A.S.A. society and “social manager”, at local level, for the building of 100 new family units (designated by SGR Finint – manager of real estate fund Abitare FVG).Concerning the social healthcare sector, the projects will produce new job. The project will hire on residents of Trieste district with the qualifications required by the actual law (doctors, educators, nursers, physiotherapists, physiologists, etc). The new health centre gives the opportunity to the families to have access to healthcare with good quality and low prize. The health system device would involve also the local organisations, voluntary work and third sector in general to create a social network with the aim to promote community jobs and development. The cooperative is working on the instruments to evaluate the social impact of both projects. The objective is to develop an evaluation system based on geographical references kept by GIS software. This tool was created t for the Observatory of habitative situation in which Lybra coop work in partnership with Trieste local government and Trieste University. The GIS software is itself considered innovative and saleable as instrument for the impact evaluation of the Lybra services.
Innovative Character: 
Lybra cooperative is a small enterprise that wishes to satisfy new markets. It needs a structural improvement without loss the flexibility necessary for the innovative process. In order to realize these projects Lybra coop has built relationship with other social private actors, improving the internal resources and promoting the inter sectorial networking. The internal innovation concerns the enterprise structural re-qualification that take its target from the public client. The external innovation concerns to increase the quality of social services starting from the actual offer of local social services and social needs.