Lyk-z & døtre

Lyk-z & døtre
We have created a ledership training program for youth at risk. The participants will during 7 weeks or 150 hours of training, strengthen their knowledge and faith in their own abilities.
Social Purpose: 
Our purpose is to create independent and confident youth and young adults. And for them to know inclusion and dignity through education and work affiliation. This is important because social exclusion and dropouts are deeply connected. If we create strong and confident youth we create a world where more people are inside the society and we create necessary value, both economical and social.
Social Impact: 
Results since the pilotface shows that near 90 % of the participant in the program create change and set a clear goal for the future. Over 50 % has direct transition to employment and education. In Norway the cost for each youth out of work is over 54 000 euro each year. So that means that the potential economical savings will free enormous resources in society.
Innovative Character: 
Our method FROG Online Identity is a leadership program based on known theories from cognitive training, leadership, movie making communication, Co-active coaching and neurophysiology. The innovation is the connection and adaption of this theories to aim directly to youth. We have created a digital work platform where the participants deepens their learning and create a valuable tool for networking. With our business model we constantly reach new youth and new markeds. In that way we are innovative as socials entrepreneurs and we have a possibility to scale up. Our goal is to certify 15 new trainers every year. We attack the issues right on and we focus on enhancing the qualities and values of every individual instead offixing what they explains as broken. We believe that no ones needs to be fixed. Every individual own the answers they need to reach their dreams and create dignity for them self.