Münster bekennt Farbe (Münster shows its colours)

Münster bekennt Farbe (Münster shows its colours)
“Münster bekennt Farbe” was initiated by the Municipal Office for Green Spaces and Environmental Protection. The campaign focuses on sustainable and citizen-orientated work for Münster’s environment.
Social Purpose: 
The campaign reinforces people’s awareness on resources and on environmental protection. It purposes to reinforce citizens’ commitment to the value of nature. The project is a win-win situation which encourages to keep the environment constantly clean, safe and liveable through both public sector and private persons.
Social Impact: 
Münster is counting on its environmentally committed local individuals, associations and companies. The contribution of this broad range of people leads to multipliers. Public attention is raised. Thus new ideas are developed and participation increases. “Münster bekennt Farbe” encourages teamwork and is regarded as a positive change by almost everybody. The campaign integrates socially deprived people into the community.
Innovative Character: 
Innumerable private citizens, nursery groups, school classes, city district initiatives, garden plot owners, companies and other groups have made flowers, grassy areas and trees an issue. Elaborate balcony flower boxes, green roofs, cleaned ponds… the ideas and actions are as diverse as the people in Münster. Everybody interested to support the campaign can participate and share his innovative and creative thoughts.
Scaling Trajectory: