Mamie et moi

Mamie et moi
Mamie et Moi gives old grannies the opportunity to gain a small complement of pension by valorizing their talent of knitting and by placing them into a market mechanism.
Social Purpose: 
Fighting against the isolation and the growing financial insecurity of retired people.
Social Impact: 
Improves the quality of life of the elderly using a capability that already exists.​ It is a "soft solidarity" scheme. They estimate a threefold social impact: a. in terms of extra-income, each granny could get up to 150-200 Euro per month. The managers decide together with each granny her objectives in terms of extra-income and in terms of timetables; b. each granny will be actively involved in the development of the initiative; c. socializing events like "knit-cafés" are organized. The initiative is on a start-up phase, but the level of satisfaction of the grannies involved is regurarly checked.
Innovative Character: 
​Combine a social/economic need of the elderly with a fashion niche. To make the social model work, no public aid is demanded because it's also a business model. The more knits sold, the more each granny could earn by knitting and the more grannies would be involved in the initiative. The grannies cooperate with Mamie et Moi on a free-lance basis giving them the flexibility to decide how many knits they would like to do in a month and so how much they would like to earn. They could get some extra-money and get it by doing something they love to do.
Scaling Trajectory: