MarioWay is an innovative social startup developing an innovative hands-free, two-wheeled, self-balancing, verticalizer, electric wheelchair for users with paraplegia.
Social Purpose: 
Disabled people are often seen by the society as second-class citizens. The Marioway's aim is to become a tool of social integration, challenging the perception that the society has of disability. The Marioway's "upright revolution" is a cultural change, building a society where there are not asymmetric relationships between disabled and non-disabled people. Using Marioway a disabled person can be at the same eye-level of other people.
Social Impact: 
Marioway's social impact will be at a cultural level. Example 1: Marioway can be used as a mobility device to play sport - like polo - in teams where disability will not make difference. Example 2: a disabled person to cross a road needs support because being seated he/she cannot see beyond the cars that are parked on the side of the street. Thanks to Marioway, every user will have the possibility to cross a road without asking support thanks to the upright position.
Innovative Character: 
Marioway is innovative because there is not on the market a wheelchair that allows a paraplegic user to: ride an electric, hands-free mobility device through a combination of movements of the upper torso, neck, shoulder, arms; interact with the external world from their natural upright body height; customize the device to their body’s length of femur, shinbone, asymmetries; thanks to an ergonomic position, improve their life quality through better breathing, digestion, posture.
Scaling Trajectory: